Intruder Alarms - Domestic

When considering security for your home there are a few simple steps we can all take to help deter the potential trespasser. Door locks should meet the latest British Standards. The circulation of keys to all main entrances should be restricted. Window locks are only as strong as their fixings and you should consider the need for potential escape for the upstairs windows the event of fire. Garages are becoming more targeted so a side door lock and a bolt lock to the garage door offer additional security.


Whilst all of the above help deter potential trespassers the fitting of a domestic intruder alarm is probably the most recognised deterrent. Designed to alert people in the immediate vicinity it is important that the system is of high quality, correctly fitted, user friendly and satisfies your need. Experience has taught us that each residential system should be individually designed and AIS offer a number of different packages to suit your needs. Some of these include pet friendly detectors. With AIS you can be assured that we will find the right system for you.

  • Individually Designed Systems
  • Quality Products
  • Latest Technologies
  • Professional Installation


  • Pet Friendly Products
  • Meets all Current Standards
  • Alarm Monitoring Services
  • Complete After Care