Intruder Alarms - Commercial

With one of the highest rates of business crime in Europe and burglary costs running into many thousands protecting your business has to a top priority. In 2008 crime cost British companies £12.6 billion and in March 2009 AXA reported a 10% year on year rise in business crime. Over 20% of all recorded crime is against businesses.


Loss through theft of stock, hardware and data can be seriously detrimental and the disruption caused can mean delays and potentially lost orders and customers. Business crime is far from “victimless”. It affects the employees and the local community. Staff feel vulnerable and at risk and jobs can be lost. Electronic intruders alarms provide a viable deterrent to the thief whilst alerting police, staff and other nearby personnel if activated however it is essential that they are the right product for your business.


At AIS every alarm system is designed to suit your specific needs whilst maintaining current standards and regulations. We recognise that each system needs careful installation and maintenance and we understand the different requirements of internal protection, external detection and building security. Our packages accommodate small businesses and large corporations using both wired and wireless technology and all our intruder alarm systems can be integrated with existing access control and CCTV systems.


For those who require the ultimate protection we can offer our smoke cloak package where upon activation vapours of smoke are injected into the room making it almost impossible to see to carry out a theft.


Individual designs, years of experience and an unrivalled commitment to customer service mean that AIS can help you and your business achieve real peace of mind.

Sectors We Cover

  • Single Offices to Large Office Blocks
  • Industrial Units & Warehouses
  • Retail Outlets Including Off License, Newsagents & Estate Agents


  • Schools & Nurseries
  • Hospitals & Other Health Care Facilities
  • Gyms & Leisure Facilities
  • Bars, Night Clubs, Public Houses & Restaurants