Reducing Crime
A correctly installed and managed CCTV system can have a dramatic impact on crime. In some instances such as shopping centres and car parks where the equipment is visible and signage is deployed, reductions of up to 90% have been recorded.

CCTV has also been successful in playing a part in convicting criminals for theft and vandalism, and provides crucial evidence in a court of law, which can assist with asset recovery.


Remote Monitoring
CCTV effectiveness can be greatly enhanced with the monitoring of the images. The system can be linked to our remote centre allowing operators to instantly react to alarm events.

Broadband connections or ISDN telephones are used to link the system and the cost of monitoring will be a fraction of onsite guards.
Monitoring systems are ideal for large sites with limited on site security and may include:


  • Warehouses
  • Goods Yards
  • Vehicle Yards
  • Storage Compounds
  • Storage Centres
  • Utility Compounds

It is also possible to monitor images through your local or remote PC or smartphone meaning you can check on your home or business via the internet whenever suits


AIS offer a complete range of cameras including the latest day/night cameras with ambient light adjustment.

Our speed domes provide motion detection and automatic tracking.  We have housings to suit all situations including retail, public, commercial and industrial and our engineers provide 24 hour technical back up including planned and emergency servicing


Control and Recording
Cameras can be programmed to follow set routes or react to motion detection systems.  Systems can also be set to prioritise detection based on time of day, movement or threat levels.  Retrieval of images is instantaneous and of high quality.


Data Protection Act
You must ensure your system complies with the requirements of The 1998 Data Protection Act.  AIS can provide you with everything you need to ensure you comply with this act and others such as the 1998 Human Rights Act.