Access Control

Door access systems contribute greatly to the prevention of crime. They provide you with real time knowledge and an audit trail as to who has been where and when in your building.


Door access systems can deny access to secure areas, can be used to create a register in the event of fire and can act as a clocking in and out system for staff.


At AIS we will work with you to design the best access control system for your business. We have the capability of providing systems for one door or a total building. In order for you to manage your system quickly and easily AIS will also provide full training for you and if required your staff.


In addition we are also able to link all of your prevention systems and provide you with a fully integrated access, CCTV fire and intruder alarm system specific to your business needs.


Access Control Readers
Our range of PIN or proximity readers ensure that only authorised staff have access to your buildings whilst tiered authority levels take access control to a higher and more detailed level.


PIN Readers
Requiring the user to input a four or six digit code that can be changed as frequently as you wish.  With the right system you can also create simultaneous access for multiple pin users

Proximity Readers
Requiring the use of a card or token.  If the correct system is installed the proximity reader can if required be integrated to allow authorised access within specific time frames to suit, for example, different shift patterns or different days of the week


PC Based Control
With advances in technology we are now able to offer centralised administration and control of hundreds of doors across thousands of users via the PC.

Call for further details on how this technology that also offers IP camera integration could help your business.

Working Environments:

  • Small to medium size offices and manufacturers
  • Large corporations
  • Multi-site premises
  • Government buildings
  • Universities and colleges
  • Sports facilities
  • Car Parks
  • Storage facilities